Arena Guide

Dear customer, 

We are happy to welcome you at Legirus Arena!

We are trying to do our best to make our customers satisfied with visiting Legirus Arena. We try to keep the Arena premises in a good condition. For that we do the pitch maintenance twice a week, clean the locker rooms and other places of common use regularly. 

To keep Arena in a good shape for long time and to create comfortable conditions for all Arena visitors, we are asking our clients to follow the rules below:

  1. Trainings are allowed only at reserved times. The reservation should be made by email which can be found on Legirus Arena web-site Access to the pitch without reservation is not allowed.
  2. Teams have 30 minutes before and after the reserved timefor warming up on the side areas of the pitch behind the goals.
  3. Locker rooms are in a common use, unless the team makes a special request beforehand. In this case a team can get a key for the locker room.
  4. 2nd floor is the office part of the building and the access there is NOT allowed unless the client reserves a meeting room. Entrance to the balcony is prohibited unless the client reserves a balcony.
  5. There are garbage bins in all of the Arena premises. Please, do not litter, put the garbage in the garbage bins. When your training/game shift is finished, please check that your team has put all the garbage in the garbage bins instead of leaving it on the pitch, floor of the locker rooms, etc. 
  6. Food, alcohol and drinks except water and sports drinks are prohibited on the pitch and side pitch areas. 
  7. Chewing gum is strictly prohibited in all Arena premises.
  8. While training, please avoid doing exercises in from of the main goals’ areas. These areas are of the highest use and the grass will very soon lose its shape if the areas used even more than they are used at match days.
  9. Please, kindly move the goals to the side areas after the trainings. Please, respect the teams that will work on the pitch after your team. Please be sure that there are not goals or any other items at front of the emergency doors.
  10. Use only round doors for entering and leaving Arena when. Do NOT open emergency doors except emergency situations. Note also that high pressure will open doors really fast!
  11. Do not throw any items to the blower of the air flow. This can damage the machines.
  12. We have Lost & Found boxes at Arena. The items are kept there for 1 month, after that the items are thrown away or given to charity.
  13. In case you have urgent questions, please contact Booking Manager (questions about reservations) +358 50 685 64 ,Taraskina Galina and Taraskin Aleksei (maintenance questions, doors opening) ) 0503732101
  14. In case of emergency, please call 112.
  15. Please, note that there are security cameras at Legirus Arena, that are working in recording mode
  16. Please, be aware that the ordering party is responsible for the damages or the Arena premises if they are caused by the actions of the renting party.

We hope that you will enjoy your time at Legirus Arena and help us keep the Arena in a good condition!
Thanks for visiting us and welcome again!